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This is my personal blog about privacy, owning technology and open-source software. I'm trying to better understand our relationship with computers and write my views on how we should handle technology.

Set Of Principles are the most internalized rules and core values that help you live your life. When writing a program, we give the computer a set of rules to follow. Big companies programmed their software in malicious ways โ€“ welcome to Surveillance Capitalism.


I try to take a different approach to technology to make it more sustainable and less dependable on the big systems. If we want to see changes happening in the right direction, we have to start thinking and reshaping our values and relationship with technology.

Even if you aren't a programmer or experienced computer user, you can still benefit from reading my blog. I'm also interested in the impact technology has on us and what can we do about it. Throughout my views on technology, you can see and implement some of my ideas into your own life.

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Firefox Voice, More Than Just An Interesting Product

Firefox To control your computer with your voice was a science fiction a decade ago, today we have more than a few โ€œexcellentโ€ voice assistance. The search giant, Google, has, in my opinion, the best product on the market, but at what cost? Google has strategically implemented Google Assistant in most of its products, sacrificing user's privacy...

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