Consume The Right Things

So many people suggested to me that I should stay away from the internet. Consuming social media đŸ—¯ī¸ , in a broad sense, isn't healthy. I quit quite a large portion of my social media use and even deleted 🗑ī¸ some accounts. For me, the question arises, what should I do with all that extra time? Sure, in some sense, I can spend that extra time with my friends and family 👨‍👩‍đŸ‘Ļī¸, start a side business, start a new hobby or study longer 🙃ī¸.

I believe that I'm happier when I spend part of my time consuming, sometimes even things that aren't too productive. For example, I like listening to music đŸŽļī¸ and doing nothing or watching non-educational YouTube videos 📹ī¸. I think that it's essential sometimes to consume something and not to learn anything for it, just taking a moment for yourself. I mostly read nonfiction books 📚ī¸, so that I can learn something, but I think I'm going to pick up more story-based books to increase my total reading time.

In the future, I should create some restrain to content that I consume since the YouTube algorithm can be a dangerous thing. I also believe that there's a lot of really well-made educational content on the internet that I can learn a lot from.