Internet, 21st Century Colonizer

In the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling, the author gives significant facts that the world isn't such a bad place. The book offers some mental tools to help you see the world in a better way. Although I'm not happy with how things are unfolding on the Internet, I believe I can give solutions I use for a healthier and more diversified internet.


Welcome to the introduction post so you can have a more general idea about my interests and what this blog is all about. The length of this article can't cover the full story behind its title, so stay around to see a complete vision behind my understanding of the technology we use.

Set Of Principles is a list of the central rules you follow through life. I'm quite deterministic, almost like a computer, so having rules helps me live a more enjoyable experience. Through my principles and beliefs, I'm going to paint my picture of these fascinating boxes, filled with wires and dust, we call computers, that changed everything about our civilization for better or worse.

With the help of computers, we landed a man on the moon, which I consider a significant achievement for mankind. Still, without them, Donald Trump might not be the president of the United States Of America. Today we are more and more dependent on large tech giants to help us with our daily activities, I'm talking about Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple... I believe that desertification and decentralization are necessary for the prosperity of our civilization. We should start creating technology to be more durable, sustainable and less internet dependent. If 80% of the system's features can work without the Internet connection, why is it necessary to put it on the grid? I see... capitalism because the other 20% of the features are most beneficial to big corporations for large data gathering. Some examples are “smart” vehicles, “smart” home appliances, streaming services, etc. The Internet is an essential part of our lives, but we should learn how to use it right.

This was just a taste of my thinking, so if you're interested in privacy, technology, and open-source software, welcome aboard. My interests also expand to the relationship we have with technology and its impact on our lives. There might be topics you won't be as interested in or won't agree with my viewpoint, and that's ok. I should state that I'm a human (surprised eh?), with all of its perks and problems, just like you. I can't wait to learn new things in the process of writing for this blog. Welcome to the Set Of Principles!

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