New Pair Of Running Shoes

I've finally received the right number for my new running 🏃️ shoes. I decided to go with a more expensive pair this time around. I always want to get a good deal, but I've realized how much time I spend in my running shoes. I bought a pair of running shoes 👟️ from allbirds. They have a more sustainable approach to creating materials and making shoes. I'm super happy with my purchase.


I've worn my previous pair for years, and that's the reason for purchase. I think it's always good to find the real reason for purchase. Usually, I wouldn't say I like buying new things because most of the time I already own something that I could use instead. I don't particularly like having multiple tools, items, and things that do the same job; they get cluttered quickly. I also don't encourage you to buy new running shoes if you want to start running. Use older pair and upgrade when it's necessary ♻️.