Privacy Update 1

Welcome to Privacy Update, my personal tracking method, to keep me in good shape on my privacy journey. Privacy Update is something I believe everyone should think about starting, even people who don't have their own personal blog or haven't taken extreme measures to protect their privacy.

It seems to me that my micro-blog is the best place for my Privacy Update. I will post these every time I do something that makes my technology use more private or secure. I believe this is also an excellent way to keep track of my privacy habits.

The structure of future Privacy Updates might change.

Personal Feelings

Lately, I've been feeling ok with my privacy situation, but sometimes small things threw me off. Like that one ad, I saw a few days ago targeted or using Signal daily that isn't a decentralized service. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I've started my privacy journey on the internet. I like using Signal even if it's not the best privacy tool in the world.


I've been deleting a lot of my unused accounts. Deleting older accounts feels so good, especially when you find an account that you have forgotten about. I want to keep my internet presents at bear minimum. Having fewer accounts also helps me be a step closer to minimizing my data output.

I've convinced two of my good friends to switch to Signal. I know some problems are sounding Signal, but I still believe that it's the best choice for a non-privacy minded people.

I've checked permissions for most of my apps on my Graphene OS powered smartphone.

I've also finally created an almost completed a collection of all of my photos offline. I've encrypted all of my pictures and some important files using Cryptomator. There are other alternatives to Cryptomator like VeraCrypt.

Next Steps

I've been preparing for deleting my Google and Facebook accounts. I've stopped using these services and found FOSS or more privacy-focused alternatives. The problem with deleting my Google account is that I know I have some old accounts I haven't deleted using my old Google mail that I would like to delete before getting rid of Google. Facebook is a bit more complicated since most of my friends still use it for communication. I'm trying hard to convince some of my closest friends to switch to alternatives. It's annoying how hard it is getting rid of big tech.

I think I'm also going to word towards cleaning my online presence and starting a more minimalistic approach to technology. Using the bare minimum and getting rid of all of the distractions. I think the online cleaning has just begun, and I can't wait to update you on my progress.

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