Simple Signal Guide For Everyone


This guide was probably sent to you by someone who wants you to switch to Signal. Sometimes trying something new is scary, but we promise using Signal is as simple as using any other messaging app. Make sure to thank the person who send you this guide since he/she cares about you and your privacy on the Internet.

Quick Introduction

What Do You Need To Use Signal

Let's Create An Account

The process is self-explanatory and easy to do yourself without extra help.

Android Only

On Android, you can set Signal as your default SMS app. This means that you will use the Signal app for your Signal messaging and as an SMS client. SMS you will send using the Signal app will still be unencrypted and unprotected โ€“ indicated by gray send button and unlocked lock.

Different Types

With people who use Signal, you will be able to send encrypted messages or regular unencrypted SMS if you don't have access to the Internet. You can switch between encrypted and unencrypted messages inside chat with another Signal user by holding down the send button.


You've successfully set up your Signal app on your phone. Congratulations! Now you can continue exploring the app on your own. There are features like groups, stickers, and more to improve your messaging experience.

Why Signal

Next steps

It would be best if you convinced your friends and family to switch to Signal. You can even send them this guide to help them out. You can also message with your Signal users using desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download a desktop client here.

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