What Is This?

Hey It's Me is a small, simple micro-blog about my personal life. On here, I will share everything from what I learned, my experience with technology and other daily struggles. I'm keeping it lite and straightforward, but if you're looking for a more structured articles check out Set Of Principles, my other project.

“What is this?” is a great question, but I have a better one for you. How did you get here? You can answer it by sending me an email odyy7h8px (at) pm.me

Replacement For My Tweets

I see this as a replacement for my tweets. Whenever I will find a remarkable new technology, tinker with an open source project or took an extraordinary photo of a sunset, I will post it here.


I will also post some notes about articles and books, so you might get some value by reading this blog. Having public notes so anyone can learn is way better than saving them privately in my note-taking app.


I love experiments. I usually run different personal tests about a new habit, food, routine... I feel like this is a perfect place to share my results and findings with other people. I might also start some daily challenges like #100DaysToOffload or something similar.